Reflexology In Kelowna

Reflexology In Kelowna

When our professional foot massage experts in Kelowna touch your feet, it is with the sole purpose of your greater health. Our goal is to promote wellness and get you optimal results for maximum customer satisfaction. Call us to book an appointment for a better and healthier future.

How Does Foot Reflexology Kelowna Help You?

A proper foot reflexology service in Kelowna from a professional massage therapist is capable of restoring the balance of your body. It is also competent of bringing rest to your sleepless nights including many others such as:

  • Improved heart rate
  • Optimal blood circulation
  • Improved sleeping cycle
  • Better reflexes (mental & physical)
  • Improved healing factor
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Strong immune system

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Foot Massage Reflexology

30 Minutes$50

50 Minutes $65

80 Minutes$100

10 Minutes Neck & Shoulder massage $10

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